We always take into consideration the ability of our passengers when sailing – you’re on holiday, and whatever the weather we want you to enjoy yourself. If you are concerned about seasickness, we’ll advise you of the best thing to eat and drink (or not, as the case might be!), where to sit and what to wear. Chalice is equipped with Vosper MaxiFin stabilisers which are controlled by the latest digital roll-sensing equipment. This limits the amount of movement when we’re underway, and the system can be activated at the flick of a switch.

Regulations insist that we carry adequate safety equipment and every year we have to undergo an inspection that scrutinises everything from the liferaft on the observation deck to the smoke detector in your cabin. The wheelhouse is equipped with the latest radio, radar and navigation equipment, and the skipper is constantly receiving weather updates from the Coastguard, the Met Office and by Weatherfax so that he can plan ahead and where possible avoid bad weather.

All of your food is freshly prepared and the water on board that is used for cooking and washing is cleaner than the water that comes out of your tap at home, as it is triple-filtered before it reaches the taps. Your cabin is warm, yet well ventilated with at least two sources of natural light. This will minimise any feelings of being in ‘cramped’ conditions.

“But what if the weather DOES get rough….?” Well, above all else, we’ll make sure that you are safe. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but we can decide where we sail and when. There is absolutely no point in taking risks, and our aim is to to give you a holiday that you’ll never forget for all of the right reasons! For additional cruising comfort, Chalice is fitted with stabilisers – not a necessary piece of equipment, but a welcome addition on any vessel if the sea decides to get a bit ‘lumpy’. The stabilising system on Chalice consists of two hydraulically operated fins – or planes – fitted the underside of the hull. When activated they gently dampen any rolling motion in the boat by pivoting gently as we sail along.

“But I’m worried that I’ll be seasick…. ” O.K. we can understand that, and to be honest, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be absolutely fine. However, most people – especially if they haven’t sailed before – find that their fear of seasickness is worse than their actual experience when on board, and very few people are actually sick. Of course it can happen, but if you’re at all anxious we’ll give you as much assistance as possible to try and make sure that you’re just fine.

“Will I get eaten alive by midges…?” Well, we could say ‘only if the Haggis don’t get you first….’, but that’s not exactly helpful. Midges can be a problem later in the summer when you’re walking ashore. However, as we normally anchor offshore every evening, they seldom present a problem while you’re on board Chalice. The best repellent that we’ve found is Avon Skin So Soft lotion. It’s fragrance-free and we haven’t got a clue why the little critters don’t like it, but it does work. Available from you local Avon Lady, the Avon website, and Gavins Barbers Shop, Bridge Street, Oban (honest!).