Understanding The Autofeel 52-Inch Car Light

The Autofeel 52-inch car light is one of the best-LED bars in the market because of the versatility in its use.

The LED light bar comes with a triple row of LED lenses which produces 700 watts of bright light, providing illumination as if it were daytime.


About the Autofeel 52-inch car light

The car light can function as a good spot light or flood light as it enables you to see farther, higher, wider and clearer. Its rating of IP67 ensures that the dust cannot enter the light affecting its performance and will work well even if immersed in water from 15cm to 1 meter. It has an aluminum casing which enables it to control heat and can run at 12 to 15 amps using a 12-volt battery. These LED lights can give as much as 50,000 hours of continuous lighting. The car light’s aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are virtually unbreakable and can weather all harsh conditions. Thus, it is a perfect accessory for any off-road vehicle including SUV’s, ATVs, trucks and Hummers. The LED lights will also
find important use in specialty vehicles as fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and in facilities where night visibility is necessary.


Various Uses for Autofeel car light

Off-road driving requires a maximum amount of front and side vision. One will never know what is in store for them most especially when running through dark terrains. Having the Autofeel light installed on your vehicle allows you more control as you can see way ahead and be able to avert any mishaps due to slips and falls on uneven terrain.dgdggsr Your Autofeel car light can also function as a steady light to provide illumination to campsites, backyard and tail-gaiting parties. It will be a very good alternative lighting, even helping you reduce carbon footprinting by avoiding the use of high wattage boom lights.

Worried about not finishing a project? Use your Autofeel 52-inch car light to brighten your garage and work as if it was daytime. The light that it will produce will have you worry less about not being able to see well as the light that is emitted is a true white light and not a yellow for clear visibility.


Engineering and Installation

The Autofeel is mounted on a curved bar to provide you with maximum visibility. Aside from the powerful front radiance, the design enables you to have side lighting. It is equipped with flood beams, spot lights, as well as a combination of a flood/spotlight for you to be able to illuminate a wide area. The car lights are equipped with aluminum mounting brackets to stabilize the beam when fitted on the vehicle to reduce rattling or shaking. The Autofeel 52-inch car light comes with a complete wiring harness for easy installation. Just¬†connect the power and the ground to your vehicle’s power and ground,¬†respectively, attach the relay switch, and you are ready to go. The wiring harness uses only a specially designed tool for it to be mounted. Thus, it is a good anti-theft feature as you can never dismount it without the special tool. The car light operates at 12 to 15 amps on a 12-volt battery but will also work with a 9 or 32-volt battery.dvsvdvs