What’s a ‘Premier Cruise’? Well in order to be able to offer a wider variety of experiences to our guests, we’ve been working with some people who are not only wildlife experts, but professionals who are passionate about their specific field of work and the way in which they portray the wildlife that they observe. These people can only join us on board Chalice for some of our cruises during the year. Obviously, there is a cost implication involved in attracting this calibre of cruise leader, which is the main reason for our Premier Cruises being slightly more expensive. However, being able to learn from such people on a one-to-one basis in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is an experience that it would be impossible to create in a larger group. The difference is worth the little extra.

All of our cruise leaders have all sailed with us before, and we feel that by inviting them along you will really be able to get the most out of your ‘Chalice experience’. Not only are they all good travelling companions, but they will be your eyes and ears for the duration of the trip too, pointing out and identifying the things that we will see as we sail across the seas of the Hebrides.

If you have a look at our guides and leaders section, you’ll be able to read about the people who will be joining us in 2005.

The whole ethos of a Premier Cruise is that the specialist guides maintain a very subtle presence – they’re almost like another guest. Nothing is ‘forced’ – they are there to inform, chat and point things out to you that you may otherwise not notice. In addition to this, if you enjoy painting, drawing or photography, then there’s also an opportunity for you to pick up some tips or advice.

In some instances, they’ll also be working at their particular discipline as we sail, and you’re equally welcome to watch or join in if you like. If you’re not sure about any aspect of a Premier Cruise, then please contact us and we’ll explain further.