Welcome to the motor vessel Chalice, one of the premier small cruise ships operating around the Western Isles of Scotland – the last natural wilderness in Europe. As you browse through our website, we hope that you will begin to get a feel for the experience that you will enjoy when you sail with us. Why not take a few moments to visit our photo gallery, where you can see images taken by guests and crew from Chalice; have a look at the trips that we have scheduled for the 2005 season – can you picture yourself there yet?

Find out more about the Chalice experience and how we can show you the best that wild Scotland has to offer – what you can expect to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste! If you’ve never sailed before, or you’re a little apprehensive about embarking on this type of holiday, then you could visit our ‘timid sailor’ page, where you will be given some sensible advice and a few myths will be dispelled for you. There’s also a section where you can read feedback from other guests who have sailed with us.

If you have any queries, please email us or telephone Hannah in our bookings office at Northern Light Charters and have a chat. If you’ve travelled with us before, then why not log in to the site and sign the guestbook or leave some feedback for other guests to read?

Thank you – enjoy your visit.