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How to play music from your phone on your car

Most people have their favorite playlists on their phones. Thus, most of them find it convenient network their phones to the car stereo system. In some cases, it is almost impossible to get that music playing. The good news is that you can always play the music your from your phone on the car with the right accessories though. As such, this article looks at some options that can be used to play music from your phone.

Bluetooth streaming

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This is probably one of the best ways to play music files on your phone on car speakers. Some car stereo units are not compatible with the Bluetooth technology. Most of those with a Bluetooth feature are entirely meant for hands-free calling although some newer models can play music.

In case you are unable to play music from your phone on your car for some technical reasons, you certainly need a Bluetooth car kit. With a Bluetooth car kit like the Cushie Audio car kits, you will be able to use the stereo controls to control your phone.

Apple car play

The apple CarPlay certainly is a fairly recent advancement that allows you to enjoy music from your iPhone on your car. This system allows you to access your music files, messages, and podcasts along with other apps. Unfortunately, this technology is fairly new. The good news is that major auto manufacturers have been quick to embrace.

Android Auto

As iPhone users enjoy the CarPlay, Android users also have their Android Auto. This player possesses a crystal interphase that allows you to control your phone right from your vehicle’s dashboard. Like CarPlay, this feature is only limited to a few recent cars. To enjoy music and other car features using the Android Auto app, you need an Android phone running the Android 5.0 version

Auxiliary input

dashboard 888996This is perhaps the simplest way to play the music on your phone on your car’s stereo. You only need to plug the 3.5 mm stereo cable on your phone and enjoy the music. This option is cheap and compatible with any device with a stereo jack. Unfortunately, it also comes with its unique share of limitations like the risk of driving and operating the phone. You cannot use the stereo to control your phone and other operational challenges.

If you are looking for ways of streaming music from your phone to car, you only have a few options. Wireless connectivity offered by Bluetooth adopter kits, CarPlay, and Android Auto are the best ways to enjoy your music. Other option still makes sense as it all boils down to your budget and the type of car you drive.