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How to play music from your phone on your car

Most people have their favorite playlists on their phones. Thus, most of them find it convenient network their phones to the car stereo system. In some cases, it is almost impossible to get that music playing. The good news is that you can always play the music your from your phone on the car with the right accessories though. As such, this article looks at some options that can be used to play music from your phone.

Bluetooth streaming

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This is probably one of the best ways to play music files on your phone on car speakers. Some car stereo units are not compatible with the Bluetooth technology. Most of those with a Bluetooth feature are entirely meant for hands-free calling although some newer models can play music.

In case you are unable to play music from your phone on your car for some technical reasons, you certainly need a Bluetooth car kit. With a Bluetooth car kit like the Cushie Audio car kits, you will be able to use the stereo controls to control your phone.

Apple car play

The apple CarPlay certainly is a fairly recent advancement that allows you to enjoy music from your iPhone on your car. This system allows you to access your music files, messages, and podcasts along with other apps. Unfortunately, this technology is fairly new. The good news is that major auto manufacturers have been quick to embrace.

Android Auto

As iPhone users enjoy the CarPlay, Android users also have their Android Auto. This player possesses a crystal interphase that allows you to control your phone right from your vehicle’s dashboard. Like CarPlay, this feature is only limited to a few recent cars. To enjoy music and other car features using the Android Auto app, you need an Android phone running the Android 5.0 version

Auxiliary input

dashboard 888996This is perhaps the simplest way to play the music on your phone on your car’s stereo. You only need to plug the 3.5 mm stereo cable on your phone and enjoy the music. This option is cheap and compatible with any device with a stereo jack. Unfortunately, it also comes with its unique share of limitations like the risk of driving and operating the phone. You cannot use the stereo to control your phone and other operational challenges.

If you are looking for ways of streaming music from your phone to car, you only have a few options. Wireless connectivity offered by Bluetooth adopter kits, CarPlay, and Android Auto are the best ways to enjoy your music. Other option still makes sense as it all boils down to your budget and the type of car you drive.…


Tow truck in Scarborough

In Scarborough and the greater Toronto area, finding a good tow truck service is one of the ways you can be sure to move your care to safety when it stalls. You never know when the vehicle will develop mechanical problems. It could be that you were driving along the major highways, and the engine just went off, or you had parked your car somewhere in the city, but it cannot start. No matter what the problems that you are faced with, the most important thing is to find a company that can help you to move the car to where it should be. It is not always easy to find reliable companies especially with the influx of many small ones that cannot be dependable. Here are some tips for finding the best tow truck in Scarborough.


Experienced operdvvdcators

Always look for a towing company that hires experienced truck operators. You need people with deep knowledge of the locations in this city and the major roads. Since you never know where the car will stall, they should know how to find their way to your location without keeping you waiting for too long. With experience, you are sure that they have already helped many other people to tow their vehicles, and they already have a
ready solution for you. They also will be in a position to advise on the safest locations to take your car just in case you have not decided where to take it to.



You also should look for a company that has a readily available tow truck in Scarborough. Talk to them to see if they will be available when you need them. This is more important when you are in need of their services urgently. Maybe, you were rushing to the airport to catch a flight, and the vehicle stalled. This means that unless the company can show up fast, you will be in a lot of problems. One of the common problems
that people experience is that the companies have too many orders to attend to and therefore, they may have to wait for long before coming to your rescue.


A variety of towing services

When it comes to towing, different types of companies offer different types of services. You will find out that there are those that only focus on towing light vehicles, while others will only agree to tow heavy machines. However, there also are those that can work on any task that is given to them. It, therefore, means that before contacting a company, you need to identify the kinds of services that they offer. Take a look at their towing trucks, and see if they are the best ones for you.dfafvda

If you are not sure of the companies that have the best towing truck in Scarborough, try to compare several offers. You may also ask for quotes just to know how much you will be paying for their services, and what they will offer you in case you call them to tow your car.




Tips to choose the right auto repair shop

Do you want your car would last a long time? Then, you must consider a regular maintenance and check to your auto parts like the battery, tires, fluids, brakes, engine, etc. to avoid more expensive cost in the future. On the other hand, if you are dealing with your car problem for a long time, you could contact a right auto repair shop to take charge of your vehicle. But what are the tips to consider in choosing the right auto repair shop? Here are tips to consider.


Choose beforehand

If you are new to the place, you could ask beforehand the auto shops in the area so you could have a compare of the services and then able to choose the right one for your car. It is also a tip to save time and effort when you already need the service.


If the business operates for a long time already, it might be an indication of a quality service, but it does not guarantee that same mechanic has been working for that long time too. So it is important to check local testimonies, online reviews or referral from friends. A customer satisfaction statement could give also influence to your choice.

Certified technicians

When an auto car shop is certified, it has to maintain a standard of excellence to ensure quality service at all times. It also employs that the technicians are certified. Thus, you can expect a quality service and expertise. Additionally, the certified technicians receive the latest training on maintenance and strategies. And it offers a worry free warranty.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for you to decide to get the same service on that particular auto shop. For most of the customers, quality is not to be for granted; the friendly atmosphere, the waiting time, and the sense of company responsibility. Auto mechanic responsibilities comprise a broad range of maintenance and repair works. Whether in big and small auto shop, workers need certification to perform duties like diagnostics, tune -up, conditioning, and another checking. If the mechanics are doing the work well, then it could guarantee a service customer satisfaction.


If you happen to visit areas near Tahlequah, Oklahoma and got trouble with your vehicle, you could contact auto repair shop in tahlequah that offers customer satisfaction service. Auto repairing could be costly, but with the few tips shared, you could have spent the good amount of time in your car.…


Understanding The Autofeel 52-Inch Car Light

The Autofeel 52-inch car light is one of the best-LED bars in the market because of the versatility in its use.

The LED light bar comes with a triple row of LED lenses which produces 700 watts of bright light, providing illumination as if it were daytime.


About the Autofeel 52-inch car light

The car light can function as a good spot light or flood light as it enables you to see farther, higher, wider and clearer. Its rating of IP67 ensures that the dust cannot enter the light affecting its performance and will work well even if immersed in water from 15cm to 1 meter. It has an aluminum casing which enables it to control heat and can run at 12 to 15 amps using a 12-volt battery. These LED lights can give as much as 50,000 hours of continuous lighting. The car light’s aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are virtually unbreakable and can weather all harsh conditions. Thus, it is a perfect accessory for any off-road vehicle including SUV’s, ATVs, trucks and Hummers. The LED lights will also
find important use in specialty vehicles as fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and in facilities where night visibility is necessary.


Various Uses for Autofeel car light

Off-road driving requires a maximum amount of front and side vision. One will never know what is in store for them most especially when running through dark terrains. Having the Autofeel light installed on your vehicle allows you more control as you can see way ahead and be able to avert any mishaps due to slips and falls on uneven terrain.dgdggsr Your Autofeel car light can also function as a steady light to provide illumination to campsites, backyard and tail-gaiting parties. It will be a very good alternative lighting, even helping you reduce carbon footprinting by avoiding the use of high wattage boom lights.

Worried about not finishing a project? Use your Autofeel 52-inch car light to brighten your garage and work as if it was daytime. The light that it will produce will have you worry less about not being able to see well as the light that is emitted is a true white light and not a yellow for clear visibility.


Engineering and Installation

The Autofeel is mounted on a curved bar to provide you with maximum visibility. Aside from the powerful front radiance, the design enables you to have side lighting. It is equipped with flood beams, spot lights, as well as a combination of a flood/spotlight for you to be able to illuminate a wide area. The car lights are equipped with aluminum mounting brackets to stabilize the beam when fitted on the vehicle to reduce rattling or shaking. The Autofeel 52-inch car light comes with a complete wiring harness for easy installation. Just connect the power and the ground to your vehicle’s power and ground, respectively, attach the relay switch, and you are ready to go. The wiring harness uses only a specially designed tool for it to be mounted. Thus, it is a good anti-theft feature as you can never dismount it without the special tool. The car light operates at 12 to 15 amps on a 12-volt battery but will also work with a 9 or 32-volt battery.dvsvdvs



How To Maintain Your Car Tires

Keeping your tires in perfect condition is an essential part of car maintenance. It is illegal and dangerous to drive when your tires are damaged. There are various things that you need to consider when it comes to maintaining your car tires.

Maintenance tips for your car tires



The pressure in the tires is very important because if the tire is inflated properly, it is protected against damage. Also, the pressure reduces the possibility of the car spinning out of control. It is recommended that you check the tire pressure on a monthly basis and before hitting the road. Avoid checking the pressure when your tire is hit since about 5 PSI will be added to pressure recommended.


You normally move your tires from one position to another on the car to ensure that they all have even torn and wear. The front tires usually carry more of the weight of the car, and this is something you have to bear in mind. They also tend to wear out at twice the rate of the back tires. Rotating the tires will, therefore, help to extend the lifespan of your tires. Most manufacturers recommend that you rotate the wheels every ten thousand kilometers. You can use the four wheel, straight, five tire or cross rotation styles.

Thread depth

The depth of the tire threads gives a measure of the depth of the face of thread in contact with the road when driving. This is vital as it helps remove water between the tire and the road and ensuring your car remains under control. Tires are bound to wear out over time, and this is usually accelerated by driving on uneven surfaces. The design of the tire, as well as driving practices like high-speed driving and hard braking, can promote wear.

Wheel alignment

This process involves aligning both the wheels and axles well. Wheel alignment ensures that the car can handle its optimum level efficiently. This means that fuel is saved, the tires are protected against premature tear, and wear and safety are enhanced.

Wheel balancing

carmaintenanceleftasdfghjkjhgWheel balancing helps to balance the types and wheels. It also protects the suspension and bearings hence stop vibrations and prevent the tire from wearing out prematurely. When you drive at high speed, you can easily notice the vibration due to the unbalanced wheels.

Take your vehicle to a trusted car tire specialized if you are not sure of your car tires’ road-worthiness. They help in checking both the external and internal conditions of your tires. Remember these tips to help maintain your tires properly.



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